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Adscope is full of simply briliant features

High Impact

Adscope eBrochures stand out becuase they use beautifully designed animation effects to showcase your company and bring your property marketing to life. Highlight phrases can be use to emphasise an underlying story about the property features.

Low Cost

Because Adscope relies on using a customised template, which we set up for you, the production costs for each property are be kept low, allowing you to produce a high quality eBrochure for every camaping regardless of your marketing budget.

Bespoke Design

Each Adscope template is created indiviually to fit within your corporate style guidelines. We match the font's colours and styles to enusre that your brand is correctly presented. We use our animation skills to hightlight components of your brand style.

Quick Turnaround

Once we have received the content for your campaign, we go about creting the initial draft for your approval. In most cases we can turn around your eBrochure the following working day, allowing you to epidite your marketing campaign.

Information Hub

The eBrochure is not only an eye catching peresentation, but it can be used as an information hub to distribute additional property content such as links to web listings; propety videos; downloadable information memorandums and floorplans and more.

Simply Seamless Integration

One if the best features of the Adscope eBrochure is that it fits straight in to your existing email marketing program. We supply you with a lead-in cover image, which links to our server where your animated presentation is displayed.


Adscope ebrochures are produced following the steps below


Good relationships start with good communication

Adscope ebrochures are created by Pimento Design, a boutique design company that specialises is marketing for commercial real eatate. We started producing the eBrochures about 10 years ago when we saw an opportunity to use a template style design to create an eye catching eBrochure.

We started producing eBrochures for a single real estate company. The ebrochures then were quite small and required pre-loaders to work in harmony with the computer technology of the day.

As computer technology progressed, so did our design for the eBrochures. When mobile devices became popular when had a completely new avenue to explore to make sure that our eBrochures would work across the different devices.

As our technology grew, so did our client base. We never actually actively marketed the eBrochure, but instead were approched by several mutli-national real estate companies wanting to include Adscope template as part of their marketing tools.
As our client base grows, we are continuing to grow and develop the Adscope eBrochure, to ensure that we keep it a stand out product.

Our client base include the following companies:







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